Cinema 4D: Cloth Simulations for Motion Graphics

Below are a few movies from my course Cinema 4D: Cloth Simulations for Motion Graphics at Learn to build cloth simulations including curtains, flags and reveals with the Cinema 4D cloth system.

Dynamic 3D cloth simulation is a commonly requested feature in modern motion graphics. Cinema 4D’s cloth system offers a  flexible toolset to incorporate flags, banners, and other convincing cloth simulations into motion graphics and animations.

Cloth Simulations for Motion Graphics in Cinema 4D is a project-based learning experience that follows three projects from start to finish: an animated flag blowing in the wind, opening and closing theater curtains, and a cloth-on-object logo reveal. Learn how to use the C4D Cloth tag and colliders, attach cloth to other geometry in a scene, loop simulations, correct imperfections with the morph deformer, and apply logos and other patterns to fabric.

Topics include:

  • Creating geometry for cloth

  • Working with the C4D Cloth tag

  • Using caches

  • Modeling and texturing cloth

  • Adding constraints

  • Attaching cloth to geometry

  • Creating cloth collisions

  • Adding lights

  • Animating morphs and reveals

  • Rendering the cloth animation

Learn how an object’s geometry affects the overall dynamic simulation of cloth in Cinema 4D.

Here we’ll create a flag suitable for simulation and create a texture template to easily change its look.